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INGWorks® is the most innovative mechanical library for SOLIDWORKS. It offers a full range of standard components organized in a modular structure in order to be aligned to the actual company needs. INGWorks Configurator is excellent for its usability. The INGWorks functionalities include more technical information and calculation tools than ever before to further help you in design: forget the traditional technical manuals!


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Easy to use

INGWorks® is fully integrated in SOLIDWORKS. All the functionalities are intuitive and immediately available, eliminating the learning curve. The tree structure (with folders) and drag' n' drop features offer maximum efficiency.


Many standard components usually are available also by external applications or web services, but without any homogeneous groupage and an organized structure. Thanks to INGWorks® the user has an unique site for a complete and exhaustive reference with parts and information.


INGWorks® allows you to manage materials and strength classes, basic information for the supply; the automatic weight calculation, the automatic filling in of the BOM, as a configurator, in order to use a component for modeling without the usual library limitations.



INGWorks® was developed with an innovative technology based on SQL database. It has 64 and 32 bits native versions to maximize performance on homologous platforms. INGWorks® has optimized proprietary algorithms ("smart bridge") for the management of many parameters to configure the components.


INGWorks® was created as a quality product at minimum cost, according to the pay-for-use principle. Thanks to its modularity, it is easy to build up customizable libraries, paying only the selected modules. Currently it has 10 modules for each standard (ANSI, DIN, ISO, UNI) and the main commercial components. Reconfigurable and expandable at any time and without fees. 

Quality guarantee

INGWorks® is developed by Miro' Solutions, "Solution Partner" of DS SolidWorks Corporation and "Competence Center" of MechWorks. The product is certified by such companies.

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