INGWorks® features

100% integrated in SOLIDWORKS, INGWorks® offers a modular solution to build up the library following the actual company needs, offering maximum flexibility at minimum costs.

Complete Integration

Very easy: the configuration engine is 100% integrated in the SOLIDWORKS TaskPane so that it's possible to insert components by simply dragging'n'drop them in the assembly. Configuration parameters are available in the property manager. Mating is automatic.

100% compatible with SOLIDWORKS starting from the 2010 release till the current one.

100% compatible with DBWorks (MechWorks PDM), INGWorks® allows a PDM native management.

Automation and versatility

The component designation, following the official standards, can be automatically inserted into the fields of a related column of the BOM by a simple option. Materials management: the dynamic INGWorks® database allows you to choose or edit the material instantly creating different components. Thanks to its optimized software architecture, INGWorks® allows you to configure and edit components without the usual library limitations. You can choose standard models and subsequently edit them for further purposes.


Performances: high speed

Thanks to our own "Smart Bridge" technology, INGWorks® guarantees maximum performances and high speed.


You can create your own library in a modular way: each module is available in ANSI, ISO, DIN, UNI standards. You can also add the Piping and all the Commercial Components modules you prefer, so choose the modules you need and build up your library!

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