Technical Issues

1) What's INGWorks®?

INGWorks® is a SOLIDWORKS Add-In, 100% integrated. Its main function is to provide a complete and exhaustive library of standard components. Using a database, the dimensions are assigned to the geometrical reference models, so that they assume the final shape and are saved in a folder managed by the user. To enable / disable INGWorks® just tick the related option in the SOLIDWORKS Add-In menu.

2) How to activate/transfer the license?

At the first set up, while SOLIDWORKS is opening, it is requested the Serial Number associated to the license. Once filled in, the system automatically verifies the authenticity of the license in the server and instantly registers the software. The same procedure is followed for the addition of new modules. To transfer the license to another workstation, you can simply select the License Management option from the menu and launch the automatic procedure. It is always required an active Internet connection.

3) What settings should be assigned?

By the options you can set: the language (by default it’s the same of the operating system) between English, German, Italian; then the position of the destination folder for components generated during usage, the properties of SOLIDWORKS files (take a look at “file-properties”) within which you can write text properties created by INGWorks®, such as the description, weight, material. If you work in a multiuser environment, you should choose a shared network path for the folder location of the components generated (for this purpose, it’s shown a tip during the first set up).

4) Could INGWorks® be used as a configurator of generic components?

INGWorks® allows you to configure components according to established standard parameters, but also parameters manually fixed by the user (for beams, transmissions, springs ...). The components are generated by default as read-only and connected to the library, but this could be removed when they’re created checking the related option in the configuration panel. From such moment, the component can be saved in any folder and modified as required by the designer.

5) How could you manage the materials?

By default, the specific material is not mentioned in the components, but the weight is still calculated correctly (with the density of the typical material of the component). The user can choose to assign a material from a list (also configurable by the user). In this way two geometrically identical components can be saved as separate files if the materials and strength classes are different. This practice is correct: for example, if you consider a M10 x 30 screw, it could be grade 8.8, but also grade 10.9 ... etc., so that to assign the correct label is of primary importance in purchasing process!

6) What are the descriptive properties?

All properties created by INGWorks® can be directly assigned to the SOLIDWORKS file properties of the component (to view them, select “properties” option in the file menu of SOLIDWORKS files). From there, they can be used in the BOM. Therefore, it is sufficient to assign, as first setting, the same name to INGWorks® property and to the property connected to the BOM in order to find it always in the corresponding column (option-properties in the INGWorks® dropdown menu).

7) How do I configure a component?

Any component must be inserted into the assembly environment by dragging the component icon from the menu on the right area (task-pane). You can use the automatic mate references to speed up operations. The menu on the left area (property-manager) allows parameters choice as required by rules (even if the designer also may choose with discretion, as the length of the beams, etc ...)

8) Which standards are available?

The standards currently available are the German DIN (in English, German and Italian launguage), the international ISO (in English and Italian language) and the ANSI (USA) in English. It’s available, in Italian language, the UNI standard. Regarding "Components" module, commercial standard are available (i.e. SKF bearings). Piping module is available for ANSI, SAE, DIN standards.


Support and Assistance

1) How is the product supported?

Once you purchase INGWorks®, you become Miro' Solutions customer so that you can access to direct support and the customer area. This page collects and organizes also information related to placed orders, licensing codes, customer data. It’s available a database with technical information and a download page for the software and its updates. 

2) What about updates?

INGWorks® license includes, for free, all the service packs for specific purchased version (Major). A version has an average life of 12 months. Backward compatibility is also guaranteed with the current version of SOLIDWORKS and the two previous one. The subscription is not mandatory (except at the purchase of the license), but at the renewal is required a FEE proportional to the period out of maintenance.

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